#1 Hand Cream + Lip Balm Set

  • $20.00

A perfect gift set for family members, co-workers and friends


  • #1 Lip Balm - 0.3 oz
  • #1 Dog Walkers Hand Cream - 1 oz
  • 1 random choice of handmade envelope
  • 1 blank card in the envelope

#1 Dog Walkers Hand Cream

Formulated with organic emollients, this quickly-absorbed hand cream locks moisture into the skin for silky smooth hands with no oily residue.

Ultra moisturizing emollients and humectant helps protect against and repair the appearance of severe dryness caused by manual labor, neglect, or exposure to harsh elements. It absorbs quickly for exceptional hydration that gives you beautifully smooth and healthy-looking skin.

#1 Lip Balm

An ultra-hydrating balm that soothes cracked lips, dry cuticles and dry patches in an instant. It moisturizes your skin and lips in-flight or in the harsh weather. Lips stay hydrated and protected all day long, making your lips look natural on their own. It also acts as a primer for any color application.

This is a smooth, creamy soft balm with no grainy texture, no waxy buildup. Perfect for unisex.