How to build up skin tolerance for Retinol - 0.5% ~ 2.0% ?

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We recommend starting with Retinol once a week. After the skin builds up more tolerance, you may increase usage frequency to twice a week then every other night.

  • 0.5%  - Ferulic + C Night Cream
  • 1.0%  - Retinol & Collagen Cream-Serum
  • 2.0% - Retinol + E in Cold Pressed Moringa Oil

If your skin is sensitive, please wet your skin with an alcohol-free essence toner before applying a thin layer of retinol product. Do not use a retinol product after an acid peel, laser, microdermabrasion or any kinds of skin resurfacing treatments since this may cause skin sensitivity. Please apply facial sunscreen during day time to prevent sun damage.

Retinol is a potent skin rejuvenation that helps to improve the appearance of aged and blemished skin. It's an overnight treatment to reveal softer, smoother skin with continued use.

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