Sepiwhite™ MSH

Sepiwhite™ MSH, made of natural amino acids with a lipid-residue,  is an excellent skin lightener and brightener suitable for all skin types and ethnicity that promotes a more uniform and radiant complexion with results in as little as seven days. 

In two studies, 1% Sepiwhite™ MSH was combined with 5% niacinamide in lotion. Volunteers reported a reduction in hyperpigmentation after 8 weeks of usage.

  • In an eight week study using 2% Sepiwhite™ MSH alone, 83% of volunteers reported a more radiant complexion, 73% fewer age spots, 100% lighter age spots, and 100% more even complexion and skin tone.
  • In a seven day study using Sepiwhite™ MSH alone, volunteers reported hyperpigmentation was reduced by 24% and skin luminosity increased by 9%