Meet Hippo

This true story is about Hippo the Pug and how he funded this skin care company from the very beginning! ~~~

In April 2005 in San Francisco, Hippo found his hooman Sandy when he was 2 months old. In one occasion, they both met, Hippo licked Sandy's face and Sandy felt a very strong connection to him. Ever since then, they were pretty much inseparable!

This is 4-month-old Hippo. He got a lovely personality. Hippo was Sandy's shadow, he would follow her everywhere in the house.

Hippo often got play dates in his neighbor's house and many local dog parks. Hippo and Sandy had a lot happy moments together. They were both mischievous, with a passion to explore many dog-friendly places in the San Francisco.


Hippo and Sandy often went to the parks and beaches. Hippo was energetic and he loved to run around with a lot of goofiness ~~~

Due to separation anxiety, Hippo got a companion MoiMoi the Pug. They are good partners as they always watched out for each others.



Sandy went to work almost everyday. Hippo and MoiMoi stayed indoor when Sandy was at work. In the evening, they would go to the yard waiting for Sandy to come back home.


When Sandy had some days off from work, 3 of them often went hiking.


Time flies and Hippo was getting older. When Hippo was10 years old, he was diagnosed with diabetes after having his first seizure. He was often tired, was sleeping a lot and losing some of his body weight.

Sandy was trained to give Hippo insulin injections twice a day.


According to Hippo's ophthalmologist, Hippo was developing cataract due to his diabetes, which was pretty much unavoidable. Hippo went blind due to cataract and went through a cataract surgery to restore his eyesight.


Sandy spent 90% all her savings to support Hippo's medical bills, insulin costs and a very expensive eye cataract surgery. Hippo was a good boy! He tried his best to survive because he loved Sandy so much!


On better days, they still went hiking. Hippo needed outerwear as he was an older pug. Sandy took care of him wholeheartedly. Sandy also researched online and read about diabetes everyday, for about 3-4 hours a day because Sandy was trying to find cures for Hippo. Unfortunately there was no cure available. Hippo was staying strong, patiently taking his daily dose of insulin.


Hippo would get his favorite treat - chicken jerky, after his daily injections. He was such a sweetheart and he never complained. He made things easier for Sandy ~~~

Hippo was getting weaker at 12 years old. He woke up in the middle of the night to stare at Sandy. Sandy would cuddle him back to sleep every night. They have been together for 12 years.

One evening, Sandy came back from work and found Hippo laying on his big dog bed in the sun room. His body was cold and stiff. Sandy rushed him to the 24 hour emergency again, the doctor said he was long gone.

One morning, Sandy brought hippo to the cremation house.


This was the last view of hippo before his cremation.

About an hour later, Sandy came back to the cremation room to receive Hippo's bones and ashes.


After 2 years of daily insulin injections, Hippo was finally free and on his way to heaven.

Sandy utilized her knowledge about diabetes and invested the rest of her tiny savings into an insulin pump company. She made decent amount of money from her investments and used the money to launch a skincare line, which she had been researched for over 10 years. Every product on Puppy Skin site is freshly crafted in micro-batch; free of animal-testing, parabens, formaldehyde releasers, synthetic fragrances and colorants.

Hippo the diabetic pug funded this skin care company  - Puppy Skin dot com.