How to Soothe Dry Sensitive Skin

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Dry skin tends to suffer under most conditions whether in some harsh winters or summers with dry heat. Here is a simple skincare regimen for drier sensitive skin -

1. After cleansing, please hydrate the skin properly with essence toner that is high in moisturizing agents and free of drying alcohol. If your skin is sensitive, avoid formula that contains perfume or essential oils. Choose a clean formula to avoid further irritating the skin. This Moisturizing Liquid Facial is enriched with Marine Algae Extract in soothing Calendula distillate. It also contains Vitamin B3, Niacinamide to help with the photo-damage as well.

Just use your palms and gently pad this Liquid Facial onto your skin. You may repeat this process a few times till your skin is dewy soft.

 2. Follow with this silky smooth Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum. Just apply thin layer onto your face and neck. You can also enjoy the natural aroma of Apple Fruit Distillate in this bottle.

3. The Repair Cream has many beneficial ingredients to sooth the skin and lock in moisture content onto the skin. If you want to prevent moisture loss throughout the day, then you may finish this routine with a few drops of face oil of your choice. 

For a.m. please follow with a broad spectrum facial sunscreen to prevent UV damage.

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