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Ascorbic Acid starts to degrade the moment it's mixed with water since Ascorbic Acid is a highly unstable vitamin C, so it oxidizes like those cut-open apple slices, turning brown within days.

No matter how air-tight or opaque your skincare product packaging is, the water content in the formula will eventually discolor your products. That's why our chemists never mix Ascorbic Acid with water or water-based ingredients like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid etc.

We create an environment that make Ascorbic Acid to stay stable for years, with NO preservatives. Instead of using water in the formula, we replace it with a water-free, oil-free solvent derived from sugar cane plant to dissolve Ascorbic Acid.

The experiment below showed our 9 month-old Vitamin C vs. any Vitamin C serums in the markets. Both products were stored in room temperature next to each other under the same conditions. As you can see, our Vitamin C serum was still crystal clear after 9 months.

The above picture showed our vitamin C serum ready to be shipped out to our customer.

After many 3 months, our Vitamin C serum remained clear with no discoloration, oxidization nor degradation. Potency and efficacy are very important in our product formulation because we want our clients to enjoy the fullest benefits of all active ingredients to see greater results.

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