Moringa Oil

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Moringa Oil is extracted from the seeds of Moringa Tree, which is a miracle tree native to South East Asia.

Moringa oil has rich nutrients and composition similar to olive oil. It has 90 nutrients and has 9 essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, chlorophyll and anti-inflammatory substances. It is lighter than olive oil and penetrates into the skin more rapidly.

Moringa Oil has a similar chemical composition compared to Olive Oil. The fatty acid composition is as follows: palmitic 9.3%, palmitoleic 2.4%, stearic 3.5%, oleic 78.0%, linoleic 0.6%, linolenic 1.6%, arachidic 1.8% and behenic 2.6%.

This is a 2% retinol in cold-pressed moringa oil. It's a clean, potent formula to target, acne and aging skin effectively.

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