Sepilift DPHP

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Sepilift is an emollient-soluble anti-aging agent that helps to smooth out fine lines and tighten the skin.

Wrinkle-correcting agent

INCI: Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline 


  • Wrinkle corrector: the skin is more supple, lifted, remodelled and recovers a more youthful appearance
  • Long-lasting moisturizing
  • Triple action skin firming
  • Antioxidant: traps excess free radicals at an early stage
  • Photoprotection: stimulates contraction of collagen fibres and protects the skin support tissue
  • Skin plumping agent


  • Approved by ECOCERT
  • Preservative-free
  • Lipophilic powder
  • China compliant
  • Natrue
  • Green palm responsability

Our Fine Line Corrector is a pure Sepilift in solvent. It's a very gentle formula suitable for sensitive skin.


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