Skincare routine for 2% Retinol

Posted by Sandy Hippo on

This is a simple routine to incorporate 2% Retinol into your overnight skin care, suitable for all skin types.

  1. Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum - a super hydrating face emulsion serum made with stem cell extracts, fresh apple juice distillate, vitamin B complex and sea kelp bio-ferment.
  2. Centella Cica Repair Cream-Serum - a lightweight face moisturizer to prep the sensitive skin for retinol treatment. Formulated with oatmeal, tamanu oil, hemp seed oil and cica extracts.
  3. 2% Retinol + E - 2% retinol in cold pressed moringa oil with antioxidant vitamin E. A highly stable form of retinol with nourishing moringa seed oil from a miracle tree.

Wake up the next morning with soft re-textured skin.

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